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Academics » The Connexus® Platform

The Connexus® Platform

Are you interested in seeing the Troy Intersect Virtual School website? Here is a sneak peek into the world of online school!
The following will provide you with a quick glance at the Connexus® online school website including the:
  • Home Page
  • Planner
  • Lesson View
  • LiveLesson®
  • WebMail
  • Grade book
From the Home Page, you can:
  • Contact teachers
  • Access LiveLesson® sessions
  • View your to do list for the day
  • See overdue lessons
From the Planner, you can:
  • View your daily lessons
  • Add events to the planner for reminders
Access your lessons from the home page or planner to complete them!
Attend LiveLesson® sessions to:
  • Learn more about your lessons from a teacher presentation
  • Communicate with your teachers and peers in real time
  • Ask questions and discuss content for understanding
Use WebMail to:
  • Contact your teachers, program coordinator, and lead mentor
  • View important messages to stay informed while completing your online work
From your grade book, you can:
  • Track your lesson completion
  • View your regularly updated grades
  • Learn from teacher feedback