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AP Exam Information

Advanced Placement (AP) Tests in various subjects are given annually through Athens High School. Intersect also offers AP classes, which are very challenging and help prepare students to be successful on the AP tests. Students who take an AP class do not have to take the AP test (there is a fee). However, there are several benefits to taking AP courses and/or AP tests:
  • Taking an AP class indicates that you have attempted the most demanding course in a specific subject.
  • When you apply, universities that are selective (e.g. U of M, MSU) look favorably on the number of AP classes that you have successfully attempted.
  • If you score high on an AP test, most colleges will award you advanced credit (each college determines how much credit they award).
  • Earning college credit in advance can save you a significant amount of money (less classes to take in college).
  • Earning advanced credits can also give you advantages in college (e.g. many schools allow you to schedule based on the number of credits you have earned). 
If you are currently excelling in a particular subject, you might want to consider enrolling in an AP class next year. We can discuss this option when scheduling your Fall classes.

Contact the Intersect Counselor, Deb Sheldon, for scheduling and testing registration information at 248-823-5157 or click here to send an email.